Summary 16: Why you will fail to have a great career

After we gratuate from school , we will face the same problem that to find a job.  But we all know, some of people will fail to have a great career, this is why ?

The speaker told us that we should pursue our dream with our passions. In the 21th, we should develop ourself to be a Inter-disciplinary talent. I consider that confidence, responsibility, enthusiasm ,creative abilities play a important role in one career.


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Summary 15: Sichuan Spicy Fish Fillet

SiChuan is a province ,where most of people are favor of spicy food. They just use some simple materies to cook different and delicious food. You should taste all kinds of snacks n the resterant if you have  a chance to go there . In fact , i haven’t go there , i just taste some food in my hometown, because the food of SiChuan is very famous in China, especially for those people who like spicy food. It can make you feel different experience. It is so great.

I will introduce one of them is Spicy Fish Fillet.



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Summary 14: Mapo Tofu

Hey,is there everyone have gone to China ? If you have ate some delicious Chinese food, like Braised pork ,which is made with shredded pork with garlic sauce  with different vegetables . Like Mapo Tofu ,which is made by some meat, pepper, and tofu with source.

In fact ,ii is not very difficult, you can make at home by yourself. Just look at some video on how to making it. Let us go ……



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Summary 13 : Paris, France

The first country that i want to go is France,  Paris.

I remember that the first time that i know some  famous buildings  is when i read the book <Notre Dame DE Paris>, i learned many things after i read this book. Also when i went to Beijing, i went to the World Park. I could see The Eiffel Tower. It made me very happy. Now this country with romantic breath is attracting me.




I want to go there with my families one day.




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Summary 12: Potala Palace, Tibet, China

In China , in the northern areas , there is a beautiful place whose name in Potala Palace . It was bulit in Tang danasty .   The grand building was built in the  scarp .  It is a symbol of the  old  culture.

Source :



The beautiful scenery must have been attractint you .

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Summary 11: Terracotta Warriors – Xi’an City

China is a country with more than five thoustands years  history .  The most famous places is Xi’an, which is the capital of Shanxi province. If you go there ,you can experience the old culture and history. One place that you must go is the  Qin Shi Huang Army founded by QinShiHuang , whose aim is to protect himself and own the power when he died. Maybe you will  be surpised the archaeological.



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Summary #10: travel to NewZealand

Last week i saw one program and  they went to New Zealand, at that moment i become loving this country , i searched many informations about this country.


This country’s overview is very nice, they own the beautiful scenery, the all kinds of animals and their farming attract me. One day i want to travel there.

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