Personal Dictionary Word # 13

Word: deceptive (adj.)

Source Sentence:“You know, I don’t know how big or small of a factor [my race] is, but I can see different things when people are like, ‘Oh, he’s not that quick!’ or ‘He’s deceptively quick!’ or ‘He’s deceptively athletic!’ ” he says. “I’m not sure what’s deceptive about it … Is it the way I run or the way I move, or the fact that I’m Asian?”


Definition: in a misleading way

Synonyms:falsely\ lyingly

Chinese:1. 欺骗性的,骗人的;造成假象的,靠不住的,虚伪的;容易使人上当(或误解)的

2. 有意蒙蔽的;故意骗人的

3. 【音乐】阻碍收束的

Personal Sentence:In the world ,there are some deceptive things we can not distinguish by our eyes.

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