Personal Dictionary Word # 14

Word: passionate (adj.)

Source Sentence:The party was the prelaunch of D&G’s new lipstick, called “Passion Duo”. Despite the “passionate duos” theme of the evening, Biber came alone, without his other half Selena Gomez.


Definition: having or expressing strong emotions

Synonyms:ardent\ fervent\fervid

Chinese:1. 具有强烈感情的;热烈的;激昂的

2. 易怒的;性情暴躁的;愤怒的

3. 易动感情的;充满热情的;激动的

4. 情欲所支配的;肉欲的

5. 热恋的;情恋的

6. 强烈的;激烈的(指情绪

Personal Sentence:  I am passionate about studying  and love  it.

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