Summary # 1: Strange Animals

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     Today when i finished my homework and played the computer,i saw some pictures.  I felt sick for those pictures. I know that most of girls will have the same feeling . If you cannot take control of your curiosities , please hold yourself back to the last.Maybe some of you will like it ,because everyone has different interests.

     In fact ,some pictures are true.As we all know ,with the development of economy ,the environment is becoming worse and it is inevitable that  results some sea creatures  come up with variety. Animals borned with some kind of abnormality. Like the hydrocephalia pig, the two head snake, the cow, and some others.  Some people hold that some of these creatures were really just recently discovered species. It is difficult to imagine that those creatures  will come in our world one day, though i often watch some reports about them.I donnot wheather it is true or not,but it is no doubt that some of them are true because of human beings damage behaviors. I hope that animals can have a peaceful and safe living environment just like human beings,because we have only one earth and we are all the host.

    However, some others are fake, photoshopped.  I have to admire human beings’ imaginations.  Their creative abilities are great.

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