My interest: Food and Travel

Everyone has his interest and there are some reasons why they like them.

For me , I am interested in food and travel, there are several reasons why i like them. Firstly, when i was a child ,there were not much food for my parents to support we three children, but my mother can use the same things to cook different food. For me, it is not food but the love of mother. This is the second reason that the love for mother, her body is not very good, i should cook food for my mother when i was the only one in my family. I can feel happy when my mother enjoyed it . The last reason is the happiness from other people after they tasting my food.

Then i will introduce briefly about Chinese food and Korean food. To the Chinese,Cooking is an art in itself. Chinese cuisine places emphasis on colour, aroma and flavour. Not only must a dish taste good, it must also appeal to the senses to be able to when the appetite.To the Korean, Korean foods are definitely different from foods elsewhere in the world. The one attribute which stands out the most is spiciness. The other is that many dishes are served at room temperature ,Korean food has a distinctive flavor, with the use of various vegetables and spices to complement the meats.

Last i will share my experience about food and travel. First those below are  food made by myself.initpintu_副本

Then i will show your some  food made by my friends and I in the class of making traditional  Korean food .



If you come to Peking, i suggest you that you should taste the most famous food whose name is Beijing Duck.

After tasting delicious food ,now i will talk something about traving. i enjoy beautiful sceneries and like those friendly people who i have met.  i like experiencing different customs and keep the unmemorable impressions. i have been to the Peking and Nanjing and this is the second time for me to come Korea . Next year i will come back to China in January ,i decide to trave to another country before i go back to China. Maybe Japan or Europe.



Peking is our capital, please come to travel these place if you have a chance to travel to China. It is desreved for you to travel.



For me, food and travel recore my childhood life and let me know happy is the beat important thing in our life . Sharing with others will bring you satisfy. It teaches me to learn to cherish everyone.

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4 Responses to My interest: Food and Travel

  1. jennyyparkk says:

    It was really touching to hear your story about your mother. And I always do enjoy making food for other people just seeing them enjoy it! I hope you will continue your passion~

  2. bareunlee says:

    I like your blog♡♡ I was also touching to read the story about your mom. you have a very warm heart! I want to eat every food and travel every place you uploaded. I think you tried hard to post these things. Good luck of your health and enjoy your winter vacation. Hope you come back to China safely. Keep in touch, Mandy~bye^^

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