Summary 14: Mapo Tofu

Hey,is there everyone have gone to China ? If you have ate some delicious Chinese food, like Braised pork ,which is made with shredded pork with garlic sauce  with different vegetables . Like Mapo Tofu ,which is made by some meat, pepper, and tofu with source.

In fact ,ii is not very difficult, you can make at home by yourself. Just look at some video on how to making it. Let us go ……



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4 Responses to Summary 14: Mapo Tofu

  1. bareunlee says:

    l like mapo tofu!! I learned this word as I studied Chinese before.

  2. parknarae says:

    Mandy, mapo tofu is one of my favorite Chinese food. I want eat mapo tofu with you before you go back to China.

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