Summary #9: travel to ShangHai

In China, if you want to experience Chinese traditional custom and culture, the best choice is to go to BeiJing, but it is a good choice to go to ShangHai to experience the morden atmosphere . Below i will introduce some about this city.

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The ShangHai is called the Paris of eastern and the HuaXia bright pearl. In this city , you can taste Chinese traditional famous snacks and many different kinds of food which come from different countries and areas. The food in the picture that i show below are very delicious and before i came to Korea i ate some of them .It is in ChengHuang Temple, and i suggest that you should go there and you must will be love it .There are many other places to taste good food ,for example, WuJiang Road.


After eating food ,you may want to enjoy the beautiful sceney, the Eastern Bright Pearl Towal , ShangHai WaiTan and Yu Garden are good places to go.


Also ,if you wang to go shopping,  the TianZiFang and XinTianDi are mordern shopping places and you can experience traditional products in Old Street.


Meanwhile, there are many beautiful and featured buildings and here nightlife is rich and colourful.

 I believe that you will love this city.

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Personal Dictionary # 30

Word:  anthologies

Source Sentence: Boldly breaking the mold of previous anthologies, Words of a Century.


Definition:a collection of selected literary passages


Personal Sentence:  We can learn many things from the famous peoples’ anthologies.

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Personal Dictionary #29

Word: sumptuous

Source Sentence:  A sumptuous primer on the seasonal cuisine of Iran features dozens of recipes for traditional and modern dishes, demystifying unfamiliar ingredients while sharing healthy adaptations of such classic favorites as Jeweled Rice, Pomegranate Soup and Saffron Ice Cream. 10,000 first printing.


Definition: rich and superior in quality

Chinese: 华丽的,豪华的;奢侈的

Personal Sentence:  I dream that i can have a  sumptuous house .

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Personal Dictionary #28

Word:   incestuous

Source Sentence:  And that’s pretty much how things stood for the next 17 or 18 years: Me, resigned to the fact that my Mom thought I was an incestuous freak.


Definition:1. resembling incest as by excessive intimacy

2. relating to or involving incest


Personal Sentence: It is not permitted to have  incestuous  actions.

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Personal Dictionary #27

Word:     assuage

Source Sentence:  I particularly liked Frazier assuaging any guilt you may have about cuckolding your Dad.


Definition:1. cause to be more favorably inclined; gain the good will of

2. satisfy (thirst)

3. provide physical relief, as from pain

Chinese: 平息;缓和;减轻

Personal Sentence: You can not  assuage the anger from two people who are in fight.

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Personal Dictionary # 26

Word:  traumatic

Source Sentence:  Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have found the gene that could help people forget traumatic experiences. They say the research could benefit people with painful memories.


Definition:1. of or relating to a physical injury or wound to the body

2. psychologically painful

Chinese:adj. 外伤的;创伤的      n. 外伤药

Personal Sentence:    Some bad things may have serious  traumatic memory .

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Personal Dictionary # 25

Word:  dismal

Source Sentence: The situation is dismal. Those who have been able to leave have done so. Many more are trying. People are extremely desperate for help.”


Definition:causing dejection


Personal Sentence:   In the Typhoon Haiyan ,many people are in dismal environment.

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